Device Software for End-Points – Phones, PC, Tablets, AR/VR, Wearables

VoLTE/IMS Client SDK: 4G Voice Communication Functions covering GSMA Voice over LTE (VoLTE, based on IR.92)
VoNR/IMS Client SDK: 5G Voice Communication Functions covering GSMA Voice over NR (VoNR, based on NG.114)
ViLTE Client SDK: 4G & 5G Video Communication Functions covering GSMA Video over LTE (ViLTE, based on IR.94)
VoIP/SIP SDK: OTT (4G, 5G and WiFi) Communication Functions covering Voice over IP (VoIP, based on IETF specifications)
MCPTT SDK: 3GPP-Compliant Mission Critical Push to Talk
SMS/IMS SDK: SMS Messaging Functions covering GSMA SMS over LTE (SMS over IMS, based on IR.92)
RCS/IMS SDK: 5G Advanced Messaging Functions covering GSMA RCS UP1.0 and UP2.x per mobile operator profile

Edge Communication Software for Private 5G Networks

Communication Pack: A suite of Standard Compliant Edge Communication Server Software that allows Voice, Video Calling (IMS, VoLTE, VoNR, VoIP), Mission Critical Push to Talk (MCPTT) and Messaging (IP-SM-GW)
Digital Twin Engine (DTE) Pack: A suite of Edge Server Software that enables Human to Machine Communications for the Command and Control of Industrial IoT Devices enabled by an AI/ML Framework
Collaboration Pack: A suite of configurable APIs to the Major Collaboration and Messaging Platforms

Cloud Software for Messaging & Collaboration Platforms Interconnect

OMNI CHANNEL INTERCONNECT: Multimodal Communication and Messaging Interconnection

The Ecrio FlexEDGETM and FlexIMSTM Architectures cover device, edge and cloud utilizing modern distributed processing technologies for optimum IT/OT convergence across User and IIoT Devices

Scalability: Designed for Flexible Service Scaling
Modularity: Components Built for Distributed Execution.
Small Software Footprint: Minimal Resource Requirements
Robust & Proven: Worldwide Deployment and Proven Applications.
Secured: 3GPP Standard-Based and Industry-Standard Security
Tested : Interoperability Tested with Mobile Operator Labs
Future-Proof Software: Ready for Evolving Demands and Technologies
Redundancy and Failover: Ensuring Continuous Availability