Enabling 4G/5G Carrier Voice/Video Calling and Messaging within any Application, on any device or cloud platform.

Ecrio RCS Client SDK – 5G Messaging

RCS Messaging – CPM-based, 1-1 and Group Chats, Presence, HTTP/MSRP based File Transfer, IMDN, Supporting GSMA RCS UP1.0, UP2.X Chatbots per mobile operator profile

Ecrio IMS/VxLTE SDK – 4G Voice, Video Calling

Framework compliant with 3GPP, OMA, IETF, GSMA industry standards.
Communication Functions covering GSMA Voice over LTE (VoLTE, based on IR.92), and GSMA Video Calling over LTE (ViLTE, based on IR.94).

Ecrio IMS/VoNR SDK – 5G Voice, Video Calling

This SDK upgrades Ecrio IMS/VxLTE SDK capabilities to fully comply with GSMA NG.114 (IMS Profile for Voice, Video and Messaging over 5GS) specification

Common Attributes across SDKs

SIP/IMS Stack – Protocol Stacks, Signaling State Machines
Single or Dual IMS Registration – Connection Manager supporting Dual IMS Registration (separate from the VoLTE IMS Registration) or Single IMS Registration (integrated with IMS Connection manager APIs offered by Chipset makers)
Operator-Specific Configuration – Operator Object Module (Operator-specific requirements supported via Object Model APIs)
C and Android Java API – For OEMs and Developers
Multi-Device Support – Operator-Specific
Windows, Android, Linux and iOS Device Support
AWS and Azure Cloud Support
Compliant with Mobile Operator Specifications (IOT with Operator-deployed RCS Server)

The FlexIMS™ architecture utilizes modern distributed processing for messaging and communications across Smartphones, PCs and Cellular Internet of Things.

Key attributes:


Designed to scale depending upon the service needs and configurations.


Components designed for distributed execution.


Components designed for distributed execution.


Compact, low memory foot print signaling and media.


Standards-compliant and carrier-grade standard techniques.

Robust & Proven

Deployed in products worldwide with proven applications in Mobile Operator, Public Safety and Private Networks.


Interoperability tested with network infrastructure elements at mobile operator labs.

Future Proof

Embraces advances in conversational messaging such as Chatbots, AI/ML Algorithms.